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The Librie runs the Linux Operating System.

It comes with a CD that contains a few sample books, a BBeB viewer software for Microsoft Windows.

The viewer software also lets you upload files to the Librie via an USB connection or to a Memory stick (also creating a meta file in MgrTabFormat).

Sony is offering some useful AddonSoftware since 2004-11-01 at [1]

For the software to display correctly on your computer you need to have JapaneseSupport installed. It requires a minimum resolution of 1024x600.

If you run Linux on your desktop, you can still add books to your Librie's memory stick, thanks to LinuxSupport.

To edit the metadata of an existing LRF file, use EditLRFMeta.

The english-patched firmware lets to run other linux ARM applications from the memory stick. Currently there are two examples:

  • A slave display application via USB. On UNIX machines, this can be used to "drop" a window capture into the Librie.
  • A rudimentary DJVU reader. The keypress handling in this reader needs to be improved; there is a protocol for communicating with the subcpu that should be followed. Here is some code, a first attempt at sending the necessary acknowledgement (ACK) signals to the subcpu in order to clear out the buffer: (You'll need a cross-compiler to compile these.)
getTTkeys.c - This version sends the ACK code after keyup/keydown messages, but ignores other messages. It is meant to be used with the (built-in Librie) programs "nsgserver" and "LBSubcpu" running. Since the DJVU reader doesn't kill these processes, this could be used as a drop in replacement for the existing "getTTkeys" program, except that it needs higher privileges to send the ACK codes (currently a process must be running as root to do this).
getTTkeys.alone.c - This version sends the ACK code after all messages, handles the messages that it knows how to (currently keydown messages) and ignores everything else. This setup is preferable, but there are probably other important messages (battery low, power off, usb connect and disconnect, etc.) that need to be caught and handled. It is meant to be used without the "nsgserver" and "LBSubcpu" processes running, so you have to alter the kill line in the DJVU scripts to use this code, in addition to doing something about the privilege problem discussed above.