Amazon Kindle root password tool

This page will tell you your Kindle's default root password. It can be calculated using your Kindle's serial number.

  1. Go to your Kindle's settings page to find out the serial number. On a Kindle 4, it's on the second page.
  2. Enter your kindle serial number below and it will compute your password.

It's all done locally in your browser using javascript, no information is transferred away from your computer.

Kindle data Device serial number: (spaces are ignored)
Possible root passwords:

There is another (unprivileged) login on most Kindles: User framework with password mario.

There are different reports with different Kindles and different firmware versions. I have verified the result on a Kindle 4 with 4.0.1 firmware and heard positive reports for firmware 5.1, but it should also work on other Kindles and with other firmware versions. Just try the four possible passwords. Good luck!

This script was converted from a little python script to javascript. It uses a BSD-licensed MD5-Javascript library by Paul Johnston. Bugs? My email is sven.